Applications Of Indoor GPS

Since the cartographers have mapped most of the outside world, people can navigate by using the old-fashioned GPS technologies. Both computer and mobile technologies have advanced significantly, enabling people to download the maps and use their phones for navigation. The initial step involves downloading the indoor map and using your mobile phone to get the directions to various parts of the store. This technology comes in handy in the large shopping malls, airports, and hospitals.


GPS vs. Wi-Fi

While GPS will help you to get to a grocery store, it becomes unusable indoors. In most cases, you will require to use GPS and Wi-Fi to navigate the outdoor and indoor world effectively. While shopping for the latest navigation technology, look for a mobile app that is compatible with both technologies.


Why Wi-Fi prevails over GPS For Indoors

As GPS uses the lines of sight to pinpoint the outdoor locations, it encounters several challenges indoors since it cannot penetrate the slabs, walls, and ceilings. Wi-Fi can also help in identifying the location of your workers or equipment that you need to undertake your daily activities. Most of the leading search engines have incorporated the floor plans of most buildings, sporting arenas, exhibitions, malls, and shopping malls into their systems. However, the best way to use this technology is to update your indoor maps and ensure that you are using the right scale. Since most establishments undertake some renovations in their homes, having an updated map can help you to navigate the indoor world effectively.


Applications of Indoor positioning system

In most cases, you might require a system that combines GPS and Wi-Fi to give you a map that links the outdoors and indoors seamlessly. Such a map can come in handy whenever you want to go shopping in an unfamiliar mall. In such a scenario, you will avoid getting lost in the streets as well. Besides getting the directions to the mall, you will also find your way within the retail shop. While indoor navigation was quite difficult in the past years, the evolution of many service providers has led to the development of this technology to meet the diverse needs of the modern consumer. While this technology was only accessible through the smartphones, a shopper can use a conventional phone to navigate the airport, hospital, or mall.

While you can get the maps online, the best way to acquire the recent maps is to visit the company’s website. Since most of these establishments want to improve the users’ experience, they avail such maps to their websites where the customers can get them. In most cases, you will get the maps of the shopping malls, hospitals, and airports. When it comes to the military, such maps are not available to the public for security reasons. However, the armed forces can provide these maps to the relevant parties for the purposes of indoor navigation for the military. Are you interested in learning more?