5 Key Benefits of VPS Hosting

With its ability to increase performance while lowering cost, VPS hosting is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for businesses of every size and description. Today, we would like to show you five major benefits of choosing VPS hosting services for your company.

1. Increased Reliability

If you currently use a shared hosting plan, you already know that reliability and security can be major issues. The simple truth of the matter is that shared hosting solutions are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and it is the companies that offer them that are largely to blame.

Most hosting companies tend to over-sell server space, often forcing thousands of clients to use the same server. They often do this without deference to the various sizes and bandwidth needs of individual clients. This poses a clear threat to your uptime and performance stats and leaves your customers with a less-than-stellar user experience.

VPS, on the other hand, significantly increases your site’s reliability and stability. This helps ensure that your site’s uptime and performance remain at consistently optimal levels.

2. Total Control of the Server Environment

VPS solutions provide you and your IT team full root access to the server, giving you total control over your company’s server environment. You are also able to tweak settings and design a custom environment that meets and exceeds your company’s needs. If you need to add custom software packages or open specific ports, you are able to do it without waiting for your hosting provider to add or support it.

3. Increased Efficiency

With dedicated servers, VPS server hosting gives you control over all server resources. Yours is the only company that benefits from and uses that server’s resources. VPS services are divided into various virtual environments allowing more users to share resources on the physical server at optimal levels.

4. Instant Scaling

If yours is a growing company, scalability in your server hosting environment is a key concern. You need to be able to scale your hosting resources without adding physical equipment or experiencing downtime. This is just one more advantage to using VPS.

VPS environments are referred to as containers. These containers allocate certain amounts of server resources. That amount is contingent of the package you choose. The containers can quickly and easily allocate more or fewer resources, depending on your company’s needs. You may consider consulting with Cirrus Tech Ltd. to learn more.

5. Cost

VPS hosting solutions are very cost effective – much more so than they were even just a few years ago, and prices are projected to keep decreasing with advancements in virtualization technology. Less overhead means more savings for you.

We are confident that once you migrate to VPS, you will never look back, but only if you work with the right provider. Choose one that allows you to easily manage your server space and gives you total control over scaling, software installs, and upgrades.