7 Reasons Why VPS Hosting is Must for Growing Websites

What is even better and more joyful than launching a website? Watching the website grow and become a success. Once a website is successful, you need to keep expanding and upgrading it in order to prevent it from getting stale and stagnant. But when a website keeps growing, your shared hosting isn’t going to suffice. That is when you need a VPS hosting – a virtual private server.

A VPS is like renting space on a shared server, but the space is completely your own. All shared spaces on the physical server is independent of one another, and also get their own operating systems and the choice to run any compatible app.

New to this concept? Here’s how VPS hosting can do wonders for your growing website.

1. Save costs

Dedicated hosting is expensive and shared hosting is insufficient. VPS hosting is a middle ground that not only gives you most of the benefits of dedicated hosting but also saves costs. Depending upon the scale of the website, there are affordable VPS hosting packages that give you most of the features of a dedicated server.

2. High capacity servers

Although hosted on a physical server, the VPS is actually a virtual space on the server. Even when the physical server goes down, the VPS can be rebooted on a different physical server to keep it running. This makes VPS hosting ideal for business that have operations around the clock.

3.No more performance drain

On a shared hosting, if one website uses runs an intensive app or has a heavy operation, the other websites on the server become slow. When your neighboring website does some heavy work, your website will slow down. With VPS there is no such problem, because although on a physical server, each private server is an individual component with its own resources and operating system.

4.Better security

Since the VPS is separate from other users on the same server, the data is better protected. If other users are affected by malware, it will not spread to your site, and so your data is safe from hackers.

5.Easy upgrades

As your business continues to grow, you will need to upgrade your hosting. There is a wide variety of plans to choose from, with varying capacity, memory, and processing power. If you think your existing plan is too great for your needs, you can also downsize easily.

6.Independence from other users

Even when you’re sharing space on a physical server, you are not affected by what other users are doing. You are free to run any app and operating system regardless of what others on the server are doing.

7.Multiple VPS

If you need to use more than one VPS to run multiple apps, you can easily have more than one VPS on the same server. This is an ideal solution for businesses who have a lot of different needs.

A VPS combines the features of dedicates hosting with the cost effectiveness of shared hosting. There are VPS packages available at Cirrus Hosting for Windows and Linux that growing websites can take full advantage of.