5 Must-Have Winter Apps If You Have an Active Lifestyle

If you live on the East side, then you will know that the winter season usually comes with extra cold. We do agree that the snow makes Christmas all snowy and beautiful, but then you have to endure several weeks of intense snowing. The temperature drops to even -10, and stepping out of your house can be torture. The chilly weather lasts throughout December and into January.

Well, mobile app development services have made some very useful applications that can make your indoors stay more bearable. These winter apps offer different amenities as you endure through the harsh weather.

1. Amazon Pantry

Shopping for Christmas has been made easier by the Amazon pantry app. The Amazon prime users can enjoy this app. With Amazon pantry you can collect many retail items you have purchased and let them be delivered in one box. This saves you the hustle and tussle of stepping out to go and buy stuff with the severe snowing. If you are in the city, this can be very useful since during winter most public means of transport tend to be at their worst. You will have all the items you need from your retail store delivered to your doorstep.

2. Netflix

Who does not want to be entertained with the wide range of movies and TV programs that are on Netflix? With the cold weather getting worse outside, it is better to grab a hot chocolate and browse through the vast collection of movies that you will find on Netflix. Netflix has an extensive collection of shows that have impressive ratings.

3. Dark Sky

This mobile app will be handy and is a must-have if you live in a region where there is snowing during winter. During winter, it is evident that snow disrupts a lot of normal activities like traveling, schooling, shopping, etc. The Dark Sky application will be able to help you know the weather conditions of a particular place; the app can effectively predict which regions will be experiencing snowfall. It will update on you on when the snow will start when it will stop and how heavy it will be. With this information, one can easily plan their day in case they were planning to leave the house.

4. Road Trip Weather

The next weather app to have apart from Dark Sky is the Road Trip Weather application. During winter, it is close to impossible for people to plan road trips on the road since they do not know how bad the roads are and how the weather will be. Unlike the Dark Sky app, the Road Trip Weather application will keep you updated on the weather conditions during a particular journey. The weather updates are timely. The app tells you whether you will have a safe trip or a difficult one depending on the weather conditions of the route you are taking.

5. First Aid App

Unless you have a doctor in the house, you will need all the information you can get when it comes to dealing with a medical emergency. During winter the ambulance and the ER guys will not respond as fast as they would want to. Therefore, having some medical knowledge on how to deal with emergencies will be very useful. The First Aid app has tutorial videos, step by step guides on how to deal with medical emergencies. The other advantage is that the app can function without any internet connection.