All Stuck Up 1.06

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Task and Idea management for your iPad

All Stuck Up (ASU) is a tool to aid in task and idea management. While it is a useful general-purpose stickie-note tool, it is specifically designed to aid with Agile Development methodologies (such as Scrum and Kanban).

For example: you can configure different Pages, or use colors and Piles, as "Swim Lanes" - moving tasks between them easily.

In the spirit of Agile development, this version supports the basic features that we believe are required - the ability to organize thoughts and details and their relationships (via sticking notes together, piling them up, and putting them on different pages); the ability to import from a remote source (via the web, as XML plists); and the ability to export what you've changed (via email, again as XML plists).

That isn't to say that we want to stop here - far from it! While advanced users can take advantage of the import and export functionality as-is, we'd like to find ways to make this simpler and streamline this tool's use in to your Agile multi-user team's workflow. We'd love to hear from folks that use a distributed electronic Story Board with which we might one day interoperate. We also have other plans for sorting, task management, arrangement, notification... our only problem will be what order we add these in, based on customer feedback.

So drop us a line!

Free, or not free?

We're currently offering two versions of ASU in the App Store. The full version has no limitations, and costs $1.99 $0.99 for a limited time. The free version limits you to 20 stickies on 2 pages but has no other limitations.

This is very close to the shareware model that we've successfully used since 1997: let people use our software for free, with some reasonable bound on functionality. If the free version meets your needs, then by all means - use it! And conversely we would strongly suggest that people try out the free version before buying. We believe strongly that people should be able to determine whether or not an application meets their needs before they purchase it.

If either of these versions doesn't meet your needs and you would like to tell us, we're all ears. Send us some email with your idea and we'll seriously consider it.


Right now, the upgrade path is a little rockier than we'd like. We have plans to streamline this in the future. To preserve your data in ASU Lite when you upgrade to the full version, you have two options:

  1. Use the in-app "export via email" option in ASU Lite; save that email attachment on a web server someplace, and use "Import via URL" in the full version of All Stuck Up to import your data; Or...
  2. Use iTunes to copy "full_state.xml" out of ASU Lite, and then copy that file in to the full version. (You can find the files in the "Apps" tab of iTunes, under "File Sharing".)

Download Now

All Stuck Up for the iPad can only be downloaded from Apple's iTunes App Store, here: All Stuck Up, and All Stuck Up Lite

User's Manual

We're working on a User's Manual for ASU, but it's very simple to use. Most of the features are described within the About box; tap on "About" in the upper-right corner for a review of what gestures ASU supports.

The one piece of documentation that may be important to you (if you're looking this far) is what the XML files look like for import/export.

Known Bugs

The following are known bugs or limitations in the current version, which are scheduled to be addressed in a future release.

Release Notes

1.06 (Released 4/5/2011)

1.05 (Released 3/22/2011)

1.04 (Released 3/9/2011)>

1.03 (Released 11/13/2010)

1.02 (Released 10/23/2010)

1.01 (Released 9/29/2010)

1.0 (Released 8/30/2010)