Deep Space Newt 1.01

A new frontier in Newton games

DeepSpaceNewt is based on the old Star Trek® text-based game, ported to many different machines, including Jorj's ancient Apple IIe. DeepSpaceNewt offers three levels of play (easy to difficult), three speeds (slow to fast), and the chance to play either an Amalgamation starship or a Klingette bopper. Blast the enemy out of your territory with your phasers and photon torpedoes. Defend yourself with shields, cloaking devices and your own wits. Watch out not only for your enemies, but also wormholes and stars gone nova.

It beats Lunar Lander hands down and it may be the first REAL exciting game for the Newton!!!

Scott, the beta-tester

Download Now

You may have some questions about downloading and installing. We have the answers.

First, the game:

[Newton] Macbinary, about 90k
[Newton] Mac binhex, about 120k
[Newton] PC zipped, about 67k
[Newton] PC UUEncode, about 93k

User's Manual

The manual is available either online or in PC or Mac Newton Book format.

Release Notes

1.01: Minor bug fix.

1.0: Initial release.