GDBMce 1.7.3ce

GNU's Database Manager, ported to Windows CE

When the built-in solution doesn't work, we look for other answers. While working on Ink Spot CE, we realized that there are some major shortcomings in Windows CE databases. To point out the worst issues:

After fighting through two releases, it was obvious that our users wanted something better than what Microsoft provided. We've always liked using GNU utilities whenever possible, so we looked around for an implementation of GDBM (the GNU Database Manager) for Windows CE. We found a port of GDBM for Win32, but it relies heavily on ANSI compatability functions that aren't available for Windows CE. Not discouraged, we started over with the GDBM 1.7.3 source code, and the result is here for all to see.

GDBMce is a port of GDBM 1.7.3 (not a port of the Win32 port of 1.7.3). This code hasn't been fully tested with the GDBM regression suite, but in our basic tests we haven't encountered any serious problems. If you find any significant errors, please submit code fixes back to us at We do not support this code or provide any warrantee, but are providing the code to the general public under the terms of the GNU general public license, version 2.

There are some limitations of GDBMCE related to the Windows CE architecture:

Download Now

[] Download the GDBMce source code for VC 6.0
[] Download the precompiled DLLs for CE devices