Deep Space Newt 2.04

A new frontier in iPhone games.

Deep Space Newt (aka DSNewt) is styled after an old text-based game, ported to many different machines including the Apple IIe, the Newton, and now the iPhone! DSNewt offers three levels of play (easy to hard), three speeds (slow to fast), and the chance to play either an Amalgamation starship or a Stigon bopper. Blast the enemy out of your territory with your phasers and torpedoes. Defend yourself with shields, cloaking devices and your own wits. Watch out not only for your enemies, but also wormholes and exploding stars and planets. Includes a Tutor to help familiarize you with the controls.

Download Now

Deep Space Newt 2 for the iPhone and iPod Touch can only be downloaded from Apple's iTunes App Store.

User's Manual

We're updating the Captain's Manual for Deep Space Newt 2. Stay tuned!

Release Notes

2.04 (Released 8/2/2008)

2.02 (Released 7/5/2008)

2.0 (Released 6/14/2008)