Ink Spot CE 1.14r3

Usenet wherever you are

Ink Spot allows you to take full advantage of your Windows CE device's portability and Internet connectivity. Instead of being tied to your workstation for net news, you can download it and read on the train, waiting in line, or while someone else uses your workstation. Features include:

User's Manual

Looking for documentation? Look no further; the Ink Spot CE Manual is now online.

Having trouble? Try consulting our troubleshooting page.

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NOTE: Ink Spot CE is at end-of-life! With the continuing decline of Usenet we have decided to halt development of Ink Spot CE. While we will continue to support it on a best effort basis, we won't be releasing any new versions.

If you aren't sure which processor type to choose, then see our download answers page.

To download Ink Spot CE for your machine, follow our easy three-step process:

1. Choose your platform:
2. If you are downloading directly onto
a Windows CE device,
choose that
device's processor. Otherwise,
choose "All processors (.zip)":
3. Press this button:


NOTE: DO NOT PAY FOR OUR PRODUCTS unless you have already gotten them working on your computer. All of our software is shareware, which means that you should "try before you buy." Free trial versions are available in the Download Now section of this page.

Ink Spot CE is $25 $10 shareware. The unregistered version will only allow users to download news 25 times before expiring.

Once you have Ink Spot CE installed and working properly, click here to add Ink Spot CE to your shopping cart. (You can always remove it later.)

Known Bugs

The following are known bugs in the current version.

Release Notes

1.14r3: (Released 9/25/2003)

1.14r2: (Released 3/11/2001)

1.14: (Update 12/29/2000)

1.14: (Released 12/28/2000)

1.12r2: (Released 9/15/2000)

1.12: (Released 8/31/2000)

1.10: (Released 4/19/2000)

1.08: (Released 12/26/1999)

1.06: (Released 10/20/1999)

1.04: (Released 5/26/1999)

1.02: (Released 4/14/1999)

1.01: (Released 3/17/1999)

1.0r2: (Released 1/15/1999)

1.0: (Released 1/12/1999)

1.0rc1: (Released 01/28/1999)

1.0rc0: (Released 01/07/1999)