MorCE 1.0

Better... Faster... MorCE.

MorCE is a Morse Code training program for PocketPCs. Designed as a practice aid for people preparing to take an amateur radio license test, MorCE's simple game-like structure will help you understand International Morse letters, numbers and symbols.

Features include:

User's Manual

Looking for documentation? The MorCE Manual is now online!

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To download MorCE for your machine, follow our easy three-step process:

1. Choose your platform:
2. If you are downloading directly onto
a Windows CE device,
choose that
device's processor. Otherwise,
choose "All processors (.zip)":
3. Press this button:


NOTE: DO NOT PAY FOR OUR PRODUCTS unless you have already gotten them working on your computer. All of our software is shareware, which means that you should "try before you buy." Free trial versions are available in the Download Now section of this page.

MorCE is $10 shareware. The unregistered version will only allow users to play the first two levels.

Once you have MorCE installed and working properly, click here to add MorCE to your shopping cart. (You can always remove it later.)

Known Bugs

The following are known bugs in the current version, which should be fixed in an upcoming release.

Release Notes

1.0: (Released 4/22/2004)