SameGame 1.02

In SameGame you remove patterned squares from a game board. Only squares adjoining squares of the same pattern can be removed. The more adjoining squares removed at the same time, the more points you score. The goal is to remove all of the squares.


This is not a PC or Macintosh game. This is for the Apple Newton, 3com Palm Pilot, and Windows CE devices. If you are looking for SameGame to run on your desktop computer, you'll have to look elsewhere.

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NOTE: SameGame is at end-of-life! Since most devices these days come with Bubblets or something similar, there's not much point in continuing to develop poor old SameGame. While we will continue to support it on a best effort basis, we won't be releasing any new versions.

Apple Newton MessagePad

This version is for Newtons that run Newton OS 1.x:

[Newton] NOS 1.x Mac binhex, about 10k
[Newton] NOS 1.x PC UUEncoded, about 9k

And this version is for newer Newtons that run Newton OS 2.x:

[Newton] NOS 2.0 Mac binhex, about 33k
[Newton] NOS 2.0 PC UUEncoded, about 33k

Palm Pilot

This was originally written for the Palm Pilot Professional, but we understand that it runs correctly on all Palms released thus far (up to the Palm VII).

[Pilot] Palm Pilot: samegame.prc, about 10k
[Pilot] Palm Pilot:, about 5k

Windows 95/98, NT, XP, Vista

There is no Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista version of this product. Do not download the Windows CE product; it will not run under desktop versions of Windows. Our profit margin is incredibly low on SameGame (the $10 fee barely covers the costs of selling it, let alone development time, advertising, and web space). For every product returned, we still have to pay the service fees for selling (and then refunding the price for) the product. Because of this, we can not offer refunds for Same Game if you purchase it for Windows CE expecting it to run under Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista. We really hate to do this and apologize, but our alternatives are to either raise the price, which punishes the people that actually pay for it, or to stop offering it as a product.

Windows CE

The following zip file archives contain setup programs, as well as the files necessary to install on all H/PC (and H/PC Pro) or PSPC machines running Windows CE 2.0 or later. The corresponding .cab files are just the installation tomes for the specific processor configurations listed. If you don't know how to install a .cab file on your H/PC or PSPC, you should probably download the complete archive for your platform.

Complete H/PC Archive Complete PSPC Archive
Complete H/PC Pro Archive
CAB file for MIPS H/PC
CAB file for SH3 H/PC
CAB file for MIPS PSPC
CAB file for SH3 PSPC
CAB file for ARM H/PC Pro
CAB file for MIPS H/PC Pro
CAB file for SH/3 H/PC Pro
CAB file for SH/4 H/PC Pro


NOTE: DO NOT PAY FOR OUR PRODUCTS unless you have already gotten them working on your computer. All of our software is shareware, which means that you should "try before you buy." Free trial versions are available in the Download Now section of this page.

SameGame is $10 shareware for NOS 2.0, Pilot, and Windows CE. SameGame for NOS 1.x is freeware (until we update it to match the NOS 2.x version).

Once you have SameGame installed and working properly, click here to add SameGame to your shopping cart. (You can always remove it later.)

Known Bugs

The following are known bugs in this version, which should be fixed in our next release.

Release Notes

Version 1.02 for CE (Released 10/20/1999):

Version 1.0: