5 Tips for Picking the Best Managed Web Hosting Services for Small Business

It can happen to anybody who doesn’t yet know all the basics and every other important thing there is to know about finding the best managed hosting service. Like in a case where you don’t know much about the web hosting business especially if you are not the normal tech-company business owner. There are a few things you need to look into and have in mind before you jump right in and purchase the first or cheapest one you run into.

You may think it isn’t your job to know how the web hosting systems work, but as a business owner, it will soon dawn on you that you actually need to know a thing or two about the whole process. Knowing your web hosting service provider and the best one to subscribe to can stand the difference between where your website will be in the recent years to come. It’s usually a bigger decision than most people might think or make them out to be.

So, in as much as it can be a challenge looking for and finding the best-managed web hosting service for your business, you can use these five tips to ensure you only land on and choose the right one.

1. Don’t use your web person

Putting your website on another person’s private server is usually never a good idea. Think of it from a wider perspective. What if you will, one day, have to fire your web person? Only to want them to help you move your website onto another host. It can be a pretty awkward situation.

You may even end up with a mad enough web person who ends up charging you for the outlandish fees whenever you want to move your site. You must always ensure you retain full control of your web host.

2. Use a big company

Growing a small business is never an easy task but you stand a much better chance web hosting with the large companies. The large companies will always have 24/7 tech support, purchase the newest technology, guard against cyber-attacks, and finally the offer the most reliable service and at the best costs.

3. Use a managed server

It is also vital to ensure that you someone who knows more than you as a manager. That is what a managed server is. Having an automated and human management operating managing everything for you. Some of the management services can include virus scanning, automatic backups, server health monitoring, software updates, etc. and many more features.

The only management you will get while using an automated service is a guarantee that everything is going to work smoothly. You may even have to install your own server in some cases.

An unmanaged server is anybody who has someone hired or on staff as a contractor to manage and monitor the entire web presence, the server included.

  1. Know your choices

There are three main types of managed web hosting services you can apply for and they are;

  • The dedicated hosting – nobody else shares it. It’s all yours which is more advantageous but also more expensive.
  • Virtual serving hosting – it gives you control of how you can configure the service. You have your own space even though you will still be sharing the server.
  • Shared hosting – it’s kind of like an apartment complex where many different people share and have access to the same building. It can sometimes run slower than you would expect. Only recommended for a super-simple site.


5. Consider managed WordPress hosting

So, maybe you are the “do it yourself” kind of person and decided to build your own website. It isn’t a hard process with the help of Squarespace or Wix or some other builders. But if you want to be more techie, then you need to have the best-managed web hosting service available. Do your comparisons and look at WordPress which is currently the most popular website software around.